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We Love Candy Stripers!

If you thought Candy Stripers went out in the 90’s, you have another thing coming. They do not seem as popular now a days as they once were, but I can guarantee you that the need and demand for them … Continue reading

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How to be a Better Patient

Ok, I know that there are stories on both sides of the fence about how awful doctors and nurses can be as well as all of the horror stories I have heard about different patients. It goes both ways people!  … Continue reading

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Heading to the Hospital

Sometimes, you may have the great benefit of knowing that you are going into the hospital before you have to go. Certainly better than being towed away to the hospital unknowingly or unwillingly! This is a major plus because it … Continue reading

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A Male Nurse

Over my tenure, I have had a great advantage of taking care of patients from all walks of life and many different ages. It has been a fantastic experience throughout my career.I have to say that my favorite patients are … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hey, thanks for visiting. I am busy working but will be by to post later. Check out one of the nicest hospitals in the United States.  

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