How to be a Better Patient

Ok, I know that there are stories on both sides of the fence about how awful doctors and nurses can be as well as all of the horror stories I have heard about different patients.

It goes both ways people! Goodpatient

Just because you are a patient, you are NOT always right and furthermore (I hope I don’t get fired for saying this) just because your doctor has a PHd in medicine, does not make him or her god! OK.

It is called PRACTICING medicine for a reason people. They are still practicing. All of the doctors are. It is not perfected by any means, so please do yourself and all of us in the medical field, stop expecting miracles!

I have decided to list out a few hints on how you, yes YOU, can be a better patient. Not only will it be beneficial to those that have to help you and deal with you, but it will be a huge help to you to make sure that you receive the best that the staff has to offer.

# 1 – Don’t Lie! – As Dr. House always says, every patient lies! Well, as true as that is in many cases, more than I care to admit, it does happen. I understand why people lie. They are embarrassed or don’t want us to think the worse of them or see them in a bad light. Or whatever the reason is, it is never a good idea to lie. If you have family and friends in the room with you and you are too embarrassed that you do not want them to hear the truth, we can have them leave. Just let us know. The fact of the matter is, it really makes a difference for YOUR health if you tell the truth. As I said in my other blog post here, the truth can mean life or death for you.

#2 – If it’s to be…
– You have heard the saying, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”
But it is so true. Your doctor can only do so much for you. Remember, they are not miracle workers. If the doctor tells you to rest, then you rest. If your doctor tells you to hold your hands in the air for 10 minutes a day, you do it. Whatever the doctor tells you to do, please do it. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT! You have to understand that what your doc is telling you to do is for your benefit, not his or hers. It will not help matters for you to ignore the instructions given you.


Maybe this is a little TOO nice!

# 3 – Be Nice – Just plain and simple! Be nice. It is not too hard to do. I can not tell you how many times I have seen patients be mean. I am not talking a little mean, I am talking about down right evil! It is awful. So, just be nice. Treat the staff the way you would treat your favorite person. Be it your mom or dad, brother or sister, favorite actor or actress. Whoever it is matters not. What is important is that you are nice. Even if you have to fake it, that is be
tter than better an awful human being to another.

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