Being a Male Nurse

Hey there folks! Welcome to my blog.

As the title says – this is Hospital 101, but what makes this blog much more interesting than many others you may come across is that I am a male nurse.

Now of course, in today’s culture, that does not seem so ‘out of the ordinary’, but when I started many years ago in this industry, it was.

I love my job. I love the patients. I love everything about what I do.

Is it hard?

Sure, but what isn’t, right?male_nurse

I have to say that it is hard for a male to be a ‘nurturer’ and females are much better than males are in this category. But I can tell you, the ladies love having us big, strong men around when it comes to lifting up a patient or moving them.

So, I learned early on in my career to really embrace the things that I was good at and don’t worry about the stuff that I wasn’t good at. And it has served me well. And it has served my co-workers very well.

Could you imagine a 120 pound female nurse trying to lift the dead weight of a patient that is a buck ninety off the bed?

Yeah, not happening.

But that is why the ladies on my floor love me. I am big, strong, kind, and just an all around nice guy.

This blog is about working in the hospital. Things that will help you if you are ever here, things to look out for, how to treat your nurses (hint, hint) and anything else that comes to mind that I want to talk about.

Hope you enjoy!